One of the Boys for sale in Dayton, Ohio

FREE DOWNLOAD: to the not so glitzy world of the Casino gaming industry. Addix Kerringer is lord and ruler of all he possesses. His strip clubs and Casinos are the talk of the town, making a veritable fortune for him with minimal effort on is part. He also enjoys a prestigious seat on the Casino Owners conglomerate. Charming, sexy, incredibly handsome describe him perfectly. Add arrogant, controlling, cunning, and calculating, for the full view.Stefanie Mitchell is on her way. She has come a long way from the ex-stripper of three years ago. A business owner now, Stefanie still has one dream to realize. She wants to own a casino. Her chance comes when one of the older establishments is put on the market. Deciding its now or never, Stefanie takes a chance and files the application to the All-Male Casino Owners conglomerate.Carmine Wheeler is in love in love with his partner. Not such a bad thing right? It is when your partner is Stefanie Mitchell and shes Addix Kerringers ex-lover. It becomes deadly when Addix decides Stefanie has been away from him long enough and its time for her to come home. Carmine isnt the only one smitten and in danger, venture onto the gambling floor and roll the dice with us on Stefanies journey to become ONE OF THE BOYS.

2013 Kirabaco Publishing

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